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Oct 14, 2012 4:00pm EDT
a distinguished career in publish service as a lawyer in arkansas, as a first lady of the united states and more recently as the united states senator from the state of new york. she not only has the highest approval rating of any member of the u.s. cabinet, she has as well topped the gallop poll for 16 years as the most admired woman in the world besting the previous record of eleanor roosevelt who held the title for only 13 years. as america continues to engage in north africa, we are extremely fortunate to be served by a public servant who is engaged in these challenges day in and day out, who cares deeply about the issues and how they effect america's interest and who believes in a brighter future for the people of the middle east. please join me in welcoming the secretary of state, the honorable hillary clinton. [applause] >> thank you. thank you all. thank you very much and a special word of thanks to a friend and someone whom i admire greatly. his many years of distinguished service to our country is a great tribute in every respect. thanks also to john and csis for hosting this conferenc
Oct 28, 2012 4:05pm EDT
violence? >> this is a very complex issue and it takes cooperation between the united states and mexico. i know that you are aware that there was an agreement between the united states and mexico where we help with technical support for boats and aircraft, to help with the war on drugs and the cartels in mexico. this is something we continue to have to do. a pass so, if the people of texas to not know, look it up, pal passover -- el paso is one of the safest cities in america. this is a great community and a great economic engine for our state. >> i have already stated that we should triple the u.s. border patrol. we have to get serious. the question you raised is an important question. mexico is a great and mighty nation and it is tragic what is happening in mexico. i was visiting with a mexican businessman some time ago who described to me how he received from the drug lords a letter that detailed where every one of his grand kids had been for the past week, minute by minute. this is tragic. the united states should be working for operable the -- cooperative lee with mexico to stop the v
Oct 1, 2012 2:00am EDT
is in discussions with the united states over this issue. i am confident that we can chart a path forward together. ladies and gentlemen, the clash between the modernity and medievalism is -- the jewish people have always looked toward the future. throughout history, we have been at the forefront of efforts to expand liberty and promote equality and human rights. we have championed these principles. we treat all with dignity and compassion, pursue justice and cherish life, and pray and strive for peace. these are the jewish people's greatest gift to mankind. we commit ourselves to defend these values so that we can protect these freedoms and protect civilization. thank you. [applause] >> see the first of presidential debates wednesday night live on c-span, c-span radio, and c-span .org.or tomorrow, how best to watch the upcoming presidential debates. the discussion is designed to offer a citizen's guide to watching an understanding the debate. it is live at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> there is a lot of research out there that usage is even higher mobile among communities than it is among white
Oct 27, 2012 10:30pm EDT
that $7.5 million in pay is not enough. the united states auto workers are still at entry level being hired in at over $19 an hour, that's just their pay but their total compensation with health care, with their bonuses comes out to $55 an hour. >> brian in oscota, michigan. gideon moore, talk to us about the economic situation particularly in mechanic levenburg -- mecklenburg county and charlotte, which is a big banking center. >> it is primarily a finance center. we have been working to expand our energy base as well with duke energy as kind of a hub of that. but historically has been finance center. we took strong hit in 2008 when wachovia and bank of america both got hit pretty strong. that said, it's still finance town. >> ann in aurora, colorado, is our next caller. she's on our line for independents. go ahead, ann. >> hi, thank you. i used to work for one of the large financial firms and interested because north carolina is a large financial center and romney touted as businessman to get the economy going. but he said that he's going to reverse frank dodd and i think he was pan
Oct 27, 2012 7:00pm EDT
or republican. they passed obamacare on december 24, 2009. only the second time the united states senate was ever a that a session. they made a deal to give obamacare a lot of money to the would never have to pay anything more. the cut a deal for bill nelson. they never had a public hearing. it forced it through. that is why it is so screwed up. we have to fix it. we can do it on a bipartisan basis. the only way to have a health care system of course is to do it on a bipartisan basis. who better than me to be able to figure it out? >> i want to talk about 9/11 for a moment. it has been the focal point of your campaign for the last week or so. governor tommy thompson, you raised this issue with an ad review were critical of the votes she took in 2006 on the anniversary for not showing support of the victims and families and first responders. do you have any regrets about running back ad? >> i want to tell about 9/11. i was sitting in my office as secretary of health and saw those planes fly into the twin towers. i got a call from georgia -- from governor pataki and mayor giuliani. we need
Oct 7, 2012 3:00am EDT
. in this category of cases, there is an any meaningful connection to the united states. >> is that you're some coral? is that how you want us to rule? but there could never be aiding and abetting on behalf of a corporation? is that your simple answer to this case? >> it is a narrower statement than that. there should not be a cause of action to address the extraterritorial conduct of a foreign corporation that is alleged to have aided and abetted the acts of the foreign sovereign. >> what about in your -- you do say in your birth you think that it is within the alien tort statute. -- your brief that you think it is within the alien tort statute. you do not adopt a theory that many of the -- there has to be a connection, some access to the united states. how about marcos, is that ok? >> well, we think there is a nexus to the united states. the actual perpetrator was -- >> you do not authorize a nexus. he did not offer us the reason why it was ok. >> is, i think our reasons for why it was ok is a was the actual perpetrator, an aide and a better. the actual perpetrator was resident in the united states
Oct 29, 2012 3:30am EDT
. and therefore, it will be understandable and even justified for the united states in the end to strike iran mill tailor. -- militarily. but we should have no illusions about the strategic consequences of an overt war with the islamic republic. in new overt use of u.s. force to disarm yet another middle eastern state of weapons of mass destruction that it does not have, while staying quiet about israel's 200-plus nuclear weapons arsenal, would elevate already high levels of anti-american sentiment in the middle east, threaten our remaining allies there, and render their cooperation with the united states practically impossible. and u.s. military action against the islamic republic would have no international legitimacy, no u.n. security council authorization, and no allies by israel, and maybe -- and i stress maybe -- the u.k., if you were reading the press this morning about their latest legal opinion. the larger part of the interpret community -- and remember, 120 of the u.n.'s 193-member states are part of the align movement, who voted to have the islamic republic as their
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7